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Sports & nature

Water Sports In The Bahamas

One thing we have plenty of is crystal-blue water. And, yes, it feels just as amazing as it looks. Averaging 80°F year-round, it’s perfect for any type of watersport. Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, kiteboarding, snorkeling, parasailing, or even swimming with wild dolphins, you’ll find it in The Bahamas.

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Nightlife info

Best Nightclubs in The Bahamas


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There's nothing small-island about this big city-style club, at Atlantis on Paradise Island. You can reliably find upscale, decadent fun on Aura’s novelty glass dance floor or in one of the private VIP booths that line its interior walls. Deejays crank out house music for the crowd of sultry show-and-tell of dancers.

Da Balcony

Da Balcony

After an unfortunate fire consumed several buildings in downtown Nassau in 2011, Da Balcony —a favorite venue for late-night party vibes—closed for a few years. But the stroke of bad luck did bring blessings in disguise: a new incarnation that's more than twice the size of the old space. Between its outdoor veranda dance floor and the indoor club, Da Balcony is a safe and fun place to let loose in downtown Nassau.

Ibiza Bahamas Beach Club

Ibiza Bahamas Beach Club

Ibiza Bahamas is a versatile nightclub, open for both daytime and evening partying. The club’s interiors are dramatic black with multicolored neon light accents; its exteriors are casual island chic with thatched roof gazebos by the poolside draped with white. Staying true to its Mediterranean roots, Ibiza brings its electronic dance music addiction to the Bahamas. Infusing Caribbean rhythms into the mix, Ibiza Bahamas delivers a unique local style.

Neptune’s Cocktail Lounge


When it comes to interior design, this Grand Bahama nightclub has a strange aesthetic: Crude black pillars punctuate the space, doubled by their reflections in the gold-rimmed wall mirrors. The glow of soft neon lights gives the club an intergalactic feel (more suggestive of the planet Neptune than the Roman god of the sea). But none of this will bother you when you are drinking, dancing and having an otherworldly experience here.



If a club wants to maintain a certain chic standard, it is expected they will enforce a dress code and be selective about their admissions. This Nassau venue has a reputation for sometimes going overboard in this way—but it remains one of the more reliable late-night downtown spots for having a sexy, spirited good time, especially with cruise ship passengers and hotel guests. In an upstairs building overlooking the cruise ship port, deejays pump out pop and Euro house music until late in the morning.


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Culture and history info

The people who live in The Bahamas are predominantly of West African descent who were captured and forced into slavery on the cotton plantations in the Americas.

Most white residents of the Bahamas are descendants of the first English settlers (English Puritans ), who emigrated to Bermuda in 1647 to gain religious freedom and settled on the island of Eleuthera.

The culture is a melting pot of many native customs ranging from the indigenous "Indian" people who populated the Bahamas, including West African, English and  other cultures who  over the past three or four centuries, arrived in the Bahamas.

People from many diverse backgrounds, such as British Loyalists (accompanied by slaves) fleeing America after the War of Independence, Bermudan slaves, people from other Caribbean islands, and many other nationalities.

Bahamian culture today has been shaped by their experiences, beliefs and lifestyles.

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